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Warmup Alligator chops/tornado twists Squat/duck hold... more


Lauren 1mo ago
I want to say I think your workouts themselves are phenomenal! I’m still just getting used to the app and I don’t think it does them justice. I didn’t finish this workout because I spent so much time trying to decipher what you were prescribing for the back/glute extensions. The video doesn’t match your description and seems like it was done as a different workout (and I understand it’s a lot of work to record!) but I think it would have been worth redoing the video here. I think the daily workouts you post are better in that sense because the videos seem to match!
[email protected] 1mo ago
Wow I have noodle arms!
Maggie 2mo ago
Legs are on fire! Great workout! I love how the legs workouts are first so you can get them done and sweat!
Ashley 3mo ago
I generally use a smith machine for anything barbell related because that is what I have. Today I noticed the lounges did not feel good on my pelvis and was able to use a curl bar as a substitute. I remember you talking about movements not feeling good in the pelvis while nursing. I get it now I feel it in my squats too.
Kolbi 3mo ago
This program is so good 🔥🔥

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