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Hannah BowerHannah Bower
/4 WK Full Body
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W2 / D3 Full body

4.8|45 min|22 comments


Mary 2mo ago
Definitely getting me back in shape after giving up a couple months back! Glad I'm getting these back in my routine.
Divya 6mo ago
Day 6 done!😘😃
Matlynn 7mo ago
It gets easier, but still get me all sweaty and pooped afterwards! #sweatisgold
Briana 7mo ago
Great workout, but could you clarify some small details I’ve noticed in each workout of the 4 week total body: 1. Warmup: do we do both the run/walk in text description and the 2 min agility warmups in video? I’ve been doing both most of the time, but just wanted to see what your ideal plan was. 2. In the cool down section: when you say reps on the stability ball hold, do you mean seconds? I’ve just been doing 15 second holds, followed by 15 sec rest, then repeat the 2 other sets before doing the the ball swivel sets. Just want to make sure I’m following along correctly-ish 🙈😂 Thanks!
Mhairi 8mo ago
Sweaty Sunday sesh done and dusted!! 💪🥵

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