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W1/D5 Recovery + Abs/core & hip stability

4.7|20 min|80 comments
A deep core workout! You don’t need a ball. Replace with pillow, small ball or even a small dumbbell.... more


Carina 1mo ago
Absolutely amazing. Dynamic exercises that really work. Hannah definitely thinks about ALL the pieces when designing these and shows you how to do it right!
Leigh-Ann 5mo ago
Good idea, but it was so confusing.... If i did all the reps listed, it would take an hour?
Caitlin 7mo ago
More cueing as you are doing each movement would be really helpful!!
Marianne 8mo ago
Definitely worked up a sweat but to be honest I wasn’t sure I was doing everything correctly. The videos didn’t quite match up with the instructions attached.
Angela 10mo ago
Not going to rate lower because I'm sure healthier and more flexible people can handle these. I was only able to do 3 of these completely and 2 I had to modify to a basic move. I've done other of your ab workouts and loved them. I would recommend making the Stay At Home series with a beginner option. Many overweight people don't go to gyms out of fear, shame, embarrassment etc. It would be good to have this series with easier moves. None the less, I adore you, Hannah and will continue trying to do what I can from your app. 💛

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