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W/D2 Leg & Glute with resistance bands

4.9|35 min|122 comments
All you need is resistance bands! Add weight to make it more challenging. Make sure to slow the movements down and really make a mind muscle connection. The movements will burn. If they aren’t, slow it down and squeeze the q... more


Antonia 3mo ago
Jessica 3mo ago
Skipped the squats due to knee injury but this is the perfect app to refer to, even as a personal trainer. Some days my brain is fried and I trust Hannah to program a balanced workout with variety and challenge 🎉👏🏼💯
Clarissa 3mo ago
Great workout for someone who missed many leg days. What a great burn 🔥
Krystal 5mo ago
Wow I can tell I haven't worked my hammy's in a while.
Jennifer 5mo ago
Burns 🥵 🔥🔥🔥

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