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25 Min Dumbbell Fullbody 6.2.22

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This is my type of “cardio”. These styled workouts are how I do my cardio (I am NOT an eliptigo girl). All you need is yourself, a pair of dumbbells (optional), a booty band (optional) and a ledge (optional). ... more


Katie 5mo ago
💀 I'll be on my garage floor for the foreseeable future. Nothing will humble you quite like 1 minute of goblet squats. Woo baby that was a good one!!
Keri 1y ago
That was amazing! I was only able to complete 2 rounds - my baby was having some separation anxiety. But I’m glad I got that in! I’ve been wanting to do this workout. I’ll definitely do it again so I can complete 3 rounds! Thank you Hannah.
Sammy 1y ago
Just finished week one of your Get Stronger and it was AMAZING! Thank you so much! Can't wait to keep pushing myself!
Aubrey 1y ago
Man. Don’t know if it was my from or the heavy leg day yesterday, but my quads were on FIRE!!!
Caitlin 1y ago
I've been loving these weekly challenges!! Just an idea but maybe we could do a playbook one month challenge within our support group? I think that would be fun! Also I am having trouble with the videos in the full body library. It is only showing videos of the warmup? Would this be a potential tech issue? As always thank you so much 💛🌟

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