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Dumbbell/Kettlebell Full Body 11.25.21 🦃

4.9|35 min|10 comments
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What you’ll ideally need: medium to heavy KB (or dumbbell), pair of dumbbells/kettlebells. If you have one single heavier dumbbell/kettlebell that also works.... more


Morgan 1y ago
I always underestimate KB swings 🥵 Gonna finish this out with some LISS and call it a day!
Rachel 1y ago
Whooooo!!! Yes yes yes!!! I am getting stronger! Also FYI you totally inspired me yesterday. You had a day the other day and chose to not sit in that head space and got up and moved your body. Yesterday afternoon same thing hit me. Felt super yuck and I knew if I didn’t change that it was going to follow me all weekend. I chose to move. My 2 year old daughter was at the park with the sitter so I packed my 6 month old twins in the double jogger , listened to some motivational stuff on my headphones and just got lost in a run. I felt a million times better. Completely changed my whole mood. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to be better.
Emily 1y ago
Short and effective 💪🏼
Rylee 1y ago
Great way to stay the holiday festivities!! Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 🥰
Emily 1y ago
Didn’t take me as long as it should’ve. Think I rushed the first set!

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