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Gym Full Body 8.6.22

5.0|45Β min|5 comments
This is a full body workout with an athletic training approach. There will be power, core stability and functional movements. Training like an athlete is a specific style of training that can have so many benefits not only i...Β more


Autumn β€’ 2mo ago
My endurance needed this challenging and rewarding workoutπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ˜…
Alexandra β€’ 2mo ago
THIS was soooo much fun!! I loved the different exercises that I’ve never done before.
Jessica β€’ 3mo ago
Sweating over here for sure! Those half up things!!! Yikes!😳
Shivani β€’ 3mo ago
Those Turkish half get ups- Now that I know them, I’ll need to take a second and collect myself the next time I see them in a workout. Wowza.
Nicole β€’ 3mo ago
This workout was so hard but fun!! Love that we switched it up a bit!!

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