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W2/D1 10 Min - Full body workout with me

4.9|10 min|174 comments
A bad workout is better than no workout. Any movement is better than nothing. Great workout to get something in when you don’t want to do anything. It happens ♥️ You can add weight, resistance and maybe so more plyos to the ... more


Jordyn 14d ago
Sweaty as heck 10 minutes!
Tamara 15d ago
Thank you for posting quick workouts like this one! I took my kids tot he park and instead of just sitting and watching, I got a quick workout in!
Aerin 3mo ago
No joke 10 mins of sweat!! ❤👍
LeeAnna 3mo ago
Great 10 minutes it had my heart rate up with out being to much for a break while working. Thank
Katie 3mo ago
Perfect! Nice morning workout before I decide if I want to lift or not. I’m waiting to go back out to work a wildfire so it’s perfect cardio to not go into the smoke ;).

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