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W2/D1 10 Min - Full body workout with me

4.9|10 min|177 comments
A bad workout is better than no workout. Any movement is better than nothing. Great workout to get something in when you don’t want to do anything. It happens ♥️ You can add weight, resistance and maybe so more plyos to the ... more


Raven 1mo ago
Love the fact that I feel beat and didn't have to spend an hour. Quick, simple, and to the point!♡
Katarina 2mo ago
I like this one!
Sarah 3mo ago
I have never gotten so much out of a 10 minute workout! I’m dripping sweat 💛
Jordyn 4mo ago
Sweaty as heck 10 minutes!
Tamara 4mo ago
Thank you for posting quick workouts like this one! I took my kids tot he park and instead of just sitting and watching, I got a quick workout in!

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