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Full Body Conditioning Ladder

4.9|25 min|14 comments
READ ME: there is an error in the rep scheme. I will say we start with 1 rep and climb to 10. It is the opposite. WE START WITH 10 REPS AND CLIMB DOWN. This is a full body, family friendly, conditioning ladder. You do not ne... more


Keri 6mo ago
This is exactly what I needed! Climbing down the ladder made me feel good, but climbing up the ladder gave me more mental strength. I definitely had to modify the last two sets, but I reached my goal of completing it within 30 minutes!
Anna 1y ago
Omg that was intense, I was trying to keep up with you guys, but you are machines 💪 thank you for different levels, I definitely made use of them 😁 happy and sweaty me 🔥
Kassandra 1y ago
Only made it to the half way point due to time constraints but boy oh boy am I feeling it. After some inconsistency in my routine this kicked my butt right into gear
Cynthia 1y ago
Just! Yes! #sweatisgold
Katie 1y ago
Ouch... couldn't walk after half (the downward ladder) so I called it early. 🥵

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