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30 Min - EMOM 3 circuits

4.8|35 min|13 comments
EMOM 1: 10 reverse lunges- add press if you want 10 reverse grip curls... more


Inge 7mo ago
This was my go-to workout during pregnancy, and I'm back at it one year post-partum feeling stronger than ever. Thanks for the awesome sweat and inspiration ❤️
Emily 9mo ago
Had to stop at 15 reps on the last round Bc of time but still good workout!
Lauren 10mo ago
Absolutely loved this one! A perfect workout for a shorter period of time 👌🏻
Lyndsay 1y ago
Well ladies… you have done it again… my butt has officially been kicked. A 15 lb KB might have been a bit ambitious but I did it! And I am super sweaty, thanks for the gold this morning!
Tammy 1y ago
That last EMOM sucked, but in a good way. The deadlift to row, with triceps I used a barbell was very effective!!!🔥

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