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27 Min - Full body sweat session

4.9|30 min|59 comments
This is a HIIT/MIIT full body circuit. — get ready to be sweaty If you really want it to be HIIT add in weight for all leg exercises + a bit heavier.... more


Katie 4mo ago
Took me a minute to figure out the timing 😂 I blame mom brain! But! I had to pivot this morning and make a new plan. This was the perfect workout to do at home! And holy hell, in the garage when it's already 90° 😪😪😪😪 im drenched!!
Kayla 5mo ago
Perfect for a workout I didn’t want to do 😍
Cassandra 5mo ago
Came back from over a week long vacation ready to kick ass!! And this kicked MY ass 😂🔥 great way to start
Kayla 6mo ago
Soaked. Feel greats on a Monday!
Nicole 6mo ago
That workout is a sweat session! Love ending my workweek with a great workout!

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