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20 Minute or Less : Booty Burner

5.0|15 min|18 comments
Join us for a live 15 minute (includes stretching) booty burner. All you’ll need is your body! You can definitely add a booty band if you wish. ... more


Katie 5mo ago
I have been adding this onto my weekly glute day for over a month now and I can tell SUCHHH a big difference in my glutes!!!! Holy butt burn. So obsessed with the progress Ive seen!!! 🙌🏼
Morgan 7mo ago
Second time doing this routine! Last time it left me with a sore booty and obliques 🔥
Morgan 7mo ago
This was not a joke!!! My booty definitely burned 🔥
Sarah 7mo ago
Absolute killer!! Definitely didn’t get my full 20 reps in on the two final workouts. Something to work towards!
Krystal 7mo ago
Burn booty burn! Yall are saints for going the whole time, I had to pause. Love it!

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