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12 Min - AMRAP + Stretching

4.9|20 min|31 comments
Hey guys! I apologize on the first 4 minutes having no sound. I had music playing on a playlist and couldn’t upload it to YouTube ( how you’re able to view it here) due to copy right.) hope you understand. After that, you can... more


Cady 8mo ago
Did a buy out of 30 reps each at end
Natalie 1y ago
Nice short workout for post 12 hour shift! Loved it!
Andrea 1y ago
Such a good quick workout. Thanks for the stretches at the end. I really needed that today!
Madison 1y ago
I couldn’t hear audio on this one. Would love the option to loop the beginning part of the video to at least do it 2x
Anna 1y ago
Only 12 min workout, still made me sweat and feel my body. Amazing 😍 Hannah thank you for responding to my comments, it means world for me and extra push to keep going ❤️

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