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Thursday | HIIT Day

4.9|45 min|4 comments
Complete Daily Burn as listed. This Week’s Splits: Monday: Legs... more


Katlyn 6mo ago
When I first saw this I immediately didn’t think I could all the the rounds of cardio, thought I’d only be able to do half. Thanks to this app I was able to push myself and ended up doing the entire workout when I didn’t think I had it in me (and wanted to quit many times lol). Super proud of myself!! Thank you.
Stacie 6mo ago
Best HIIT we’ve had in a while!
Brittany 6mo ago
This was my favorite workout I’ve done through your app so far! 🔥
Maribel 6mo ago
Challenging but in a good way.First workout down, and Looking forward to the next one.

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