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  • 1-2 new videos added every week
  • Easy to follow tutorials from the comfort of your own home
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  • Adult ballet specific follow along classes, stretching and strength routines + technique tutorials
  • Weekly training schedule
Gee is the most incredible teacher! She is so positive and uplifting. I love how much detail there is in the follow along tutorials - SUPER helpful!
LOVE this app! I use the stretching routines as a warmup before my ballet class. I'm FINALLY close to middle splits after years of trying.
Gee understands ADULT dancers. I never had dance training growing up, and I love how she explains everything so clearly! I can finally turn in class!

Adult Ballet Virtual Studio

Welcome to Bunheads Virtual. A thriving community of Adult Ballet dancers. Our mission is to spread the joy of ballet. We truly believe it’s for everyone, regardless of our experience level, age or body type. There is never a wrong time to begin dancing. Our virtual studio releases weekly tutorials, follow along routines and classes to support your dance goals wherever you are based in the world.

App Features

Set workout reminders to stay on track!
Curated Playlists
Train to the songs that I prepared to help you move
Save your favorite workouts with one tap
Make sure you stay on track with your goals
Connect with supportive, real people
Notes & Logging
Track your weights, time, and reps. Take notes to capture your thoughts when working out
Set workout reminders to stay on track!

Frequently asked questions

I'm a total beginner to ballet? Are there classes for me?
Absolutely! We specialize in teaching the fundamentals of Classical Ballet to adults in a clear and easy to follow way. We have heaps of classes and quick tutorials for dancers who are just starting out on their journey!
Do I need a barre or any other equipment?
All of our at-home routines are carefully created so that no eqipment is needed! At at-home barre is an option but not a necessity. Dancers can use a stable surface or chair. Other equipment such as a strap or pilates ball is sometimes offered but alternative options are always given.
Can adults get good at ballet even when they start late?
YES - consistency and mindset is key. We are here to support what ever you would like to achieve out of your dancing. Whether you simply want to feel the incredible mental and physical impact dance has on the body, or develop your technique to be able to dance more technical and challenging steps, our promise to you is to continue to provide you with top quality training - wherever you are based in the world!

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