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W1/D2 Chest & LISS

4.8|60 min|25 comments
- Flat barbell bench (work up sets) 5 x 10,8,6,4,4 - Flat barbell bench 2 x 2 (RPE 9) - Flat barbell bench 3 x 6 (back off sets)... more


Johnathan 3mo ago
That felt amazing! Can’t wait for the transformation.
Cailean 4mo ago
It was fantastic. However parts of it were a tad confusing as a beginner namely the tempo and one of the bench presses. I had to look it up or ask someone at the gym a question. Otherwise it was a fantastic workout.
Marcus 5mo ago
Happy to be starting back in the gym with this program. Excited for more 💪🏾
Mark 7mo ago
Definitely under estimated how much I could lift ! But also impressed for how heavy i could go for the reps asked!
Nelson 7mo ago
Dude this is awesome!!! Loving these. Like the perfect mix of volume and intensity for me.

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