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Follow my workouts
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About me

Online Fitness Coach & Gymnastics Coach

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Hi guys, my name is Florin, I am from Romania and I am very excited to meet you on this page. Welcome in my little virtual world where I intend to offer you content to become stronger and make your everyday movement an more exciting and uplifting experience. About me 💪😊 I would like to say that I am an elite gymnastics former and personal trainer in Dubai, UAE. I start my journey in sports at the age of 7 when I enrolled first time in gymnastics witch becomed also my first love. I loved it than because I enjoyed every single training when learning a new skill, upgrading my routines and feeling all the adrenaline and joy. I love it now because of the discipline, strenght, power, devotion, time management, team work and much more gymnastics had thought me. This is the spirit I want to share with as many people as I can. I have been practicing and competing at a national level for 15 years. But my career as an athlete ended up with the beginning of a new one into the fitness world. From loving to train myself, I evolved to loving to coach kids and adults to strengthen their bodies and set their mindset higher to be able to get the maximum benefits from their everyday actions. I am coaching gymnastics and fitness for almost 10 years now. My mission is to guide you and other people to become the best they can through fitness. I am here to share my knowledge and experience from over 25 years in sports with everyone ready to take action and get their body and lifestyle to the next level in a sustainable and exciting way. I am Florin and I am absolutely delighted to invite you in my team. Let's do this together! One day or day one, the choice is always yours.


My goal is to offer you guidance in your fitness journey and overall health. From how to warm up to how to stretch, how to strengthen your muscles, increase your mobility and flexibility, how to build lean muscle mass and reduce your body fat and even how to learn particular gymnastics skills. I want to help you create an aesthetic look, to feel great, feel healthier and energized enjoying the process every single day.

Training Requirements

On my page you will find workouts that can be done at home with minimal or without equipment and also workouts that can be done in the gym. So you could train easily and adapt your personal movement routine to your lifestyle.


International Certified Gymnastics Coach. Certified Personal Trainer .

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