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25 min hip mobility follow along

4.7|25 min|7 comments
A hip mobility follow along with a movement pattern at the end so you can put your hips into practice. You’ll love it.


Dávid 2y ago
Great instructor, great and unique content!
Thom 2y ago
Great workout! Only point of improvement was the lighting. At points, your dark pants + not bright light made it hard to follow the exact movements. Excellent otherwise though :)
John 2y ago
Great stuff, the mobility flows are completely new to me but will play a radical part in improving my life quality. Overall good health but struggling with tightness from old surgeries and desk job. Not even treadmill desk and 6 workouts solves it, need to be proactive with mobility flows like this. Key issue is belly / pelvic tilts forward causing back pain and a less than desirable look 😄
Josh 2y ago
Adrian 2y ago
That was great Farid, thanks!!! It changed my (shitty) day. Do you have some movement training program to buy? Greetings from Argentina. Adrian.-

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