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40 Min Barre w/ Extra πŸ’ͺ

5.0|40Β min|42 comments
Work your body from head to toe with yoga + Pilates + dance movements (Originally filmed for IG LIVE)


Rachael β€’ 1mo ago
Perfect workout for a Thursday that is also a Monday for the first workout of the week for me. I can’t find a lot of barre online. Totally understand rated workout but so fire!!
Ginger β€’ 3mo ago
Thank you and I’m back at it after the healed broken toe!!
Soraya β€’ 3mo ago
Excellent exercise, I started doing your barre program I am in the postpartum stage, so barre is an excellent option to reconnect with my body after giving birth with cesarean section πŸ‘Œ
Naomi β€’ 4mo ago
I absolutely love these 40min barre workouts and would love to see more!!
Sami β€’ 5mo ago
Great workout! Love that I feel the burn everywhere and had tons of fun :)

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