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How to save 44% off your subscription

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If you guys love this app, I highly recommend upgrading to an annual membership to save 44%! It’s just $99 for the whole year, which breaks down to just 27 cents per day or $8.30 a month. Not only does this save you, but it also just might be the decision that leads you to commit to a full year of consistent training. You will also have me as your coach every step of the way and know you can ask me questions anytime you need help or guidance. Thank you again for being here with me, and I am humbled & excited to be on this health journey with you.


Kimberley 1y ago
First time trying I am needing to lose at least 80 lbs this is my first step excited for the new adventure
Brittany 1y ago
Ready to kick day 1 / week 1 butt!
Sydney 1y ago
So happy to be apart of this !
Kailey 1y ago
Awesome! Chose the yearly subscription from the get go! I’ve been going to the gym for two years and ready to have a change up in my routine!
Brooke 1y ago
Good to know, thank you!!

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