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How to get 3 months FREE to my app

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Hey guys! I’m so excited to announce that referrals are now live on my app. If you love working out with me, you can refer your friends and get rewarded with free months to my app. Here’s the way it works - for every 3 friends you refer, you get 3 months free! This is what you have to do - Step 1: Go to the profile tab in the lower right corner. Step 2: Click Get 3 months free. Step 3: Select the friends you want to send to, And that’s it! Once your friends sign up, you’ll start getting your free months!


Brittany 1y ago
Love this!
Jadyn 1y ago
Liz 1y ago
I just signed up for a year. This app is great.
Brooke 1y ago
A few of my friends are ready to start 2023 with a fitness challenge so this is perfect timing!
Catherine 1y ago
Love thisssss!! Sent to all my fitness friends

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