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Hi! I’m Erin Gilmore, a full time yoga teacher living in San Francisco. I came to yoga back in college in NYC. I was a lost, scared, shell of myself. I was a 21 year old and caught in a cycle of self-hatred, starvation and bulimia. Yoga became a vehicle back to myself. Among many things, it’s helped me remember that I love myself. And sometimes it’s still hard to remember, but it’s like any relationship, it takes work. And when I do my work, yoga reminds me of my inherent goodness every time. I love this body. I love this life. And I am psyched to share and love it with you. I’ve been teaching since the beginning of 2011. I’ve done a mixed bag of trainings and I think certifications are great! But experience is the best teacher I know, and teaching 3+ classes a day for the last 8 years has given me a lot of experience share with you. My classes are a mix of great music, yoga, Pilates, strength moves, and creative sequencing that is never boring or predictable.


The goal is to help you feel more connected to your highest self. We can lose ourselves in busy + it’s important to pause + make space for our well-being, on every level. Yes, it’s about building strength, + you will! But it’s also about building the strength to say: I really need something gentle today. Or, I want to go ALL out! I hope we stop telling our bodies what to do and instead, learn to speak it’s language. Learning when to lovingly push through + when to take a 20 min child’s pose.

Training Requirements

My classes can be done anywhere. A yoga mat is definitely helpful if you have, but a floor always works. Straps or towels come in handy, as do blocks. If you don’t have a block, sometimes a tall water bottle can be a stand in. Be creative, make it work!


I’ve been teaching in SF full time for the last 7 years. I lead public and corporate classes, as well as international and local retreats. I’ve done a variety of yoga trainings. More recently, I’m into ones highlighting nonviolent communication and trauma informed principles. And I’m into science. And Pema Chödrön. And Oprah (who isn’t?) And Glennon Doyle, and lots of other modern gurus. Oh, and REALLY GOOD playlists. If you have Spotify, find Erin Gilmore. There is a list for every workout.

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