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/5 Minute Mobility

5 Minute Mobility 5 (Lvl1)

4.9|5 min|6 comments
1. Cervical POE chin retractions Lvl1 2. Cervical rotations 1.2 Lvl1 3. Cervical side bend str Lvl1 ... more


Luke 6mo ago
Anytime of the day!! Do this group of movements and repeat
Harsha 7mo ago
Really enjoying the movements suggested. I sit at a desk all day and these do seem to help me relax a bit. I just started, but I’m looking forward to strengthening my spine and posture.
Luke 8mo ago
I can feel the circulation and it feel such better!! I'm adding this throughout the workday at my desk
Jennifer 9mo ago
Thanks I needed this one this morning!!
Andleeb 9mo ago
Really great neck stretches! I did them pre-run since I like to tense up my neck and shoulders during my runs. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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