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5 Minute Mobility 1 (Lvl1)

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1. Thoracic TTN reach ups Lvl1 2. Thoracic reach backs Lvl1 3. Shoulder thoracic side bend Lvl1 4. Lumbar rotation Lvl1 5. Hips posterior facial str Lvl1 Spend at least 1 minute on each exercise. Those exercises that require both sides to be worked on, do 1 minute or less each side and move on. 👉These routines are broken down by levels so be sure to check that out. Start with level 1 routines and work your way up to level 3s. Each routine has 5 exercises. Some of these are certainly going to take more than 5 minutes, especially if it’s your first time to the routine. Take your time, learn the exercises, and move to the next. Once you get used to them, they should fly by in 5 min!


Julie 1w ago
Like that it was 5 min. Enjoy utilizing prior to bed
Lee 1w ago
Feels wonderful! Great!
Cara 3w ago
I Love how easy the videos are to follow
Wen 1mo ago
Is it possible to get information if it is 1 min per site (right or left). Do we spilt the time up ? Maybe good to give a sound when 30 sec are up
Dottie 1mo ago
I can’t wait to do the next. I needed that today.

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