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Follow my workouts
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Welcome to TRIFORGE Training powered by Fitness Within, one of the top fitness and nutrition studios on the East Coast. Over the past 7 years we have worked with over 1,388 members from all fitness levels, to help them shred body fat, tone up, get stronger, and achieve maximum results! The studio as a whole has helped our members lose thousands (and thousands!) of lbs of excess body fat while building long term, healthy habits to keep it off, and now we get to do it with you guys online! Our average member loses 13.9lbs in 8 weeks when combining the Burn Within program with our nutrition program and working with one of our coaches. On our channel you’ll get access to both STRENGTH WITHIN (In-Gym workouts) as well as BURN WITHIN (At-Home workouts). Coming soon will be our Exercise Tutorial section, Supplement section, and our Mobility/Stretching section!


Our goal is to provide you guys with all the tools you need to be successful. Whether you are a bodybuilder wanting to pack on more muscle, a an everyday gym goer wanting to burn body fat, a powerlifter looking to increase your 1 rep max, or a busy mom that is looking to tone up, we want to take as much stress off your plate with program design so all you have to do is show up and give these workouts everything you got!

Training Requirements

The In-Gym workouts will require barbells, dumbbells, as well as cable machines. The In-Home workouts will not require any weights at all.


We are a team of certified personal trainers with over 25 combined years in the industry. -AAPT CPT -NASM CPT -ACE CPT -DOCTOR OF PHYSICAL THERAPY -NSCA CSCS

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