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Investing In Companies

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Jake 2mo ago
Would love to dive into this more 🤙🏼
Josué 5mo ago
Very good advices, thanks Devon
David 5mo ago
This is awesome thank you
Colin 6mo ago
I would love to know how you found the companies you invested in and how you were able to get in on the ground floor. I would also love to hear more about your experiences as a business owner.
Braden 6mo ago
Awesome stuff! So thrilled to pick your brain on this topic. I'm in a stage of getting initial money and planning out passive income as well as starting my own company in mobile oil changes in an area that doesn't have that right now. I want it to be my initial income rather than working a 9-5 for someone else. What is your advice on finding companies to invest in? Lately I've networked with some people in similar passions and fields but I can't tell yet who's in it for the long haul because I'm just starting in this stuff. Some things I love and am passionate about are music, guitar, health, people, helping others, car maintenance, snacks without garbage ingredients, and physical fitness and well-rounded"ness"

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