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Camila Coelho - Legs and Booty Workout

4.9|60 min|20 comments
Let me introduce Camila! She is a great friend and client. I get a lot of questions about her workouts and now you get to do the exact same workout I just put her through. Remember to modify as needed! Movement Prep 1. Squat with abduction 2. Glute bridge 3. Alternating single leg deadlifts 4. Bird dog Superset 1 1. Tempo Squats with pause 2. Hinged Bulgarian split squats Superset 2 1. Barbell deadlift 2. Deficit Alternating reverse lunge Superset 3 1. Cable kickbacks 2. Lateral banded alt step Core 1. Side plank hip dip 2. Hanging knee raises


Anette 1y ago
Burning 🔥 amazing! Keep ‘em coming 🙌🏽
Khrystyna 2y ago
Love it!!!
Paula 3y ago
Dead but great !
Aleesia 3y ago
Very hard
Grace 3y ago
Best 🍑 burn ever 🔥

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