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Danielle GrayDanielle Gray
/28 Day Challenge

W1/D1 Core & Upper Body

4.5|45 min|9 comments
Abs & Core
Functional Training
Build Muscle
Please complete a 5 minute cardio effort and/or the TLAG Warm Up prior to starting. Complete all exercises in order once through, then repeat again for the next set. Then move to the next section of the workout. Read directi... more


Forouzan 3mo ago
Very nice start, was challenging still ♥️🌹🙏
Margaret 6mo ago
The videos weren’t loading so there was no example video.
Danielle 7mo ago
Okay for this workout. I would probably need help with form. Great thing is I recorded myself. I am scared to do the headstand and the inverted push-ups my form with the neck and back connection seems off.
Danielle 7mo ago
The V ups was the challenging one so not sure if I was doing those correctly. I did each exercise back to back so confused slightly on the rounds and the rest. Is it rest for 30s after each exercise or each round? Also not sure if we complete all exercises as round one and do it again or from each exercise rest with 30sec and repeat before going to the nexx
Julia 8mo ago
Glad to haves structured workouts back! 👍🏼

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