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Easy To Memorize Flexibility Routine

4.4|15 min|4 comments
Do this routine after every workout or wherever flexibility usually mentioned, unless you choose to do another follow along flexibility video. Hold each move with small movements for at least 30 seconds each. ... more


Hannah 3mo ago
As a beginner, this was much too challenging for me. I hope to return to it in the future when I have more flexibility.
Samantha 3mo ago
This is labeled as simple flexibility but it has a ton of splits related moves without modifications and I feel most of us on this platform probably don’t have our splits already to then be going into over splits :/
Roxi 5mo ago
Makes me feel like I’m back in gymnastics warming up before we practice the apparatuses! 🤸🏼‍♀️
Celeste 1y ago
Moves way fast

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