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Dana Linn BaileyDana Linn Bailey


5.0|60 min|25 comments
CHEST 1. Bench 4 x 10... more


Michael 1mo ago
I was testing the waters first. Had to stop because I got called into work...I love it so far and will start off better than I finished tonight..
Frank 1mo ago
I love you Dana,you’re the best… ufff best chest workout ever…
Jose 1mo ago
I started training this week harder than what I use to. Seeing you is inspiration. The chest work out is good, don't switch up for now, leave it the way it is.
Jazyel 1mo ago
Been following the program and seeing progress. I'm surprised. Will be where I want soon
Steph 1mo ago
First time trying out the app and omg I have a renewed fire in me for my workouts already! Can’t wait to see the results!

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