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Follow my workouts
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About me

Online Trainer & Natural Bodybuilder

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I first started working out when I was about 16-17 years old because I wanted to get bigger and stronger for Basketball. I started to realize that the process of bettering myself and being in full control of the results I wanted excites me. Once I stopped playing Basketball, I started getting into the Bodybuilding type lifestyle and have been doing it ever since. I’ve learned a lot of what works and doesn’t work for me through years of trial and error. (Still learning as I go) Now, I work a Full Time job as a Land Surveyor, as well as being an online trainer, a dad, and being engaged. I understand it can be tough to be active with a busy schedule but it’s necessary for mental and physical well being! I will be posting my daily workouts that I will do the day before you do, so we can both go through it together, as well as my full approach to nutrition!


The Iron Impact will help you understand proper training techniques, as well as how I’ve structured my workouts, and teach you how to set up your nutrition for long term results. No quick fixes here! That’s just to start. There will be so much more added as we go along this journey together!

Training Requirements

My workouts will mainly be revolves around the gym, but I will also have plans structured for people that have minimal/no equipment available. Staying active is something I recommend for everyone even if their gym is shut down!


I went from being a pretty skinny kid to learning what works best for the long term and put on a solid amount of muscle!

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