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About me

Head Trainer and Manager of CF Sandy

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I’m an identical triplet Korean adoptee, architect turned CF gym owner (CF Threshold 2008-2018). Manage CrossFit Sandy here in Utah. I have over 15 years of experience working with people on fitness and weight loss goals. All the workouts I will be programming are the type of workouts I personally do. Nutrition is 100% of changing your body aesthetics but these workouts are more designed to help you just turn off any and all stressors and just move steadily for 40-60 minutes. I have extensive experience in nutritional coaching both in person and remote. So if you’d like to work on nutrition remotely, please drop me a message. This program can be scaled into so start with the home or short and sweet workouts. Build up to the 40 minute program. Then eventually work your way to the GRIT program. If you are already a seasoned athlete (meaning you don’t need to scale any movements), then adding a GRIT workout in once or twice a week would be ideal to add into your routine. This program is not about intensity. It’s about steady movement and volume. If you have done CrossFit long enough, the clock can be more of stressor than anything else. That’s why these workouts are designed for you to not focus on the clock. Just focus on your breathing, bio mechanics, and pace. I hope you all enjoy these workouts! Please send me your progress and feedback! I would love to hear from you!


My goals for you are to develop mental toughness. To just focus on steady movement rather than super high intensity. We will push intensity once in a while but these workouts are designed to burn calories and fat, and develop a tougher more resilient mind which will positively translate to all aspects of your life.

Training Requirements

Zero requirements. Every movement is scalable. And if you need to scale the scales movement, no problem! Just message me and I can help you right away. I’d rather we scale movements so you’re moving safely than the other way around.


Miami ING half and full marathon. University of Miami School of Architecture (class of ‘06) Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity Member of the University of Miami coed cheerleading team Opened the 2nd CrossFit affiliate in Miami in 2008. Owned and operated that for over 10 years. Currently the Head Trainer and Manager of CrossFit Sandy Specialize in nutritional coaching both in person and remote. SEALFIT junkie. Tattoo enthusiast.

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