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Most OPEN Hips Flow ♥️

4.8|50 min|102 comments
Working toward Frog Pose or your Middle Split? This slow paced flow will open your hips and ease you into these deep hip openers! All you need is your mat but a pillow or bolster might feel nice once in Frog Pose ☺️


Dbutka 8mo ago
Great hip opening flow! Thank you 🙏🏻
Kat 1y ago
Woke up with hip pain and now it’s gone. Feeling so open and also strong. Perfect blend of strength and stretch- with the mobility stuff. Excellent!
Madeleine 1y ago
More a stretchy class, than a flow. A lot of hold on hippy poses. Used to much energy try to hear what’s been saying here, the sound was so far away…..Will not return to this one mostly because of the sound. Is there any possibility you could make a own box for the stretch classes, and keeonrgeo e with flow flow? 😇
Yasmine 1y ago
I love this sequence 💜
Isa 2y ago
I Thanks for this hip opening sequence :) I feel lighter 💓

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