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How to Choose a Program

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Toni 4mo ago
I’m so excited for this! I am fairly new to yoga, just beginning 6 months ago, but I’ve felt sorta stagnent with it lately. I look forward to adding more structured strength, which I know will add greatly to my overall yoga practice!
Lisa 8mo ago
Amazing. Everything you do brought me here but the one that stayed with me was your 300 rep challenge.
Sonia 9mo ago
I felt motivated to stop the video for a second, and before continuing, wright my goals. I feel so grateful to have found this app, but specially grateful to feel you close and wiling to help as much as possible. Hopefully you can help me with my goals and guide me a little bit more introducing yoga to my life. My goals are the next: - move intestines ( I am experiencing extreme constipation and it took me to have three intestine prolapse series, and I’m willing to change my diet and add exercise/yoga to help ) - Reduce stress ( which I know worsened my constipation . Learn how to presence the moment) - Increase flexibility - Compromise Thank you for making me feel inspired to share this with you and everyone I guess. Hoping to hear from you soon . Xoxo Sonja
Summer 1y ago
Thank you so much for creating these videos. I came to the app quite awhile ago but was a little lost so I shyed away and haven’t been back. But for some reason I kept the app and I came back today, this is sooo helpful, I can’t wait to dive in! 🙏🏽✨🌻
Diana 1y ago
It was good, thank you!

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