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Full Body Balancing Flow 🏜

4.9|45 min|5 comments
I taught a version of this class on my retreat in Sedona! You’ll be offered getting on your hands, firearms, and into some arm balances! Get ready to balance moments of stillness with work 🔥 ... more


Dana • 9mo ago
First day using the app and I can already see how much I’m going to learn here!
Sarah • 1y ago
Amazing! Would love to get an alternative for the circle wheel if I can Yet get I to wheel. ❤️
Beth • 1y ago
You are awesome! Could not do everything but I am getting there💪🏻. Practice makes you stronger.
Nancy • 1y ago
Needed to do this (wasn’t sure what it would look like )and one that I am familiar with from AY teacher training (almost finished )and will revisit and make more of a daily practice. Realizing that I need to work on this!! It will benefit me from a functional and personal standpoint
Nicole • 1y ago
You hit everything I’m working on in one class 🤩💖🙌🏻

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