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W2/D3: OPTIONAL Full Body Burn

5.0|45 min|6 comments
Today is your optional day! You can use it as a rest & recovery day or do the full body workout. This all can be done at both the gym or home!... more


Ashley 3d ago
Loved it
Robyn 13d ago
Going back and doing all the full body days this week. Loved this one!!
Lindsay 4mo ago
OMG this really tested my Fitness and Endurance level 🥵 yikessss lol I almost gave up at round 3 for the first set but pushed myself to do the whole 5 and now I’m laying on the floor dyyinnnngggg 😂
Dalelyonnie 5mo ago
Feeling so accomplished completing this workout plan. Definitely had me sweating but feeling so amazing!!!! 💪🏽🥵
Destiny 5mo ago
It’s was great! I won’t be at the gym today did it all from home thank you !! ❤️

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