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Each workout is done as a superset or compound set. Meaning you’ll go straight from a push exercise straight into a pull exercise then take your rest. The pump and muscle activation during this workout will be intense!


Courtney 20d ago
These push pulls always push me in the best way! Love how strong I feel when I'm done. 💪🏻🤩
Courtney 2mo ago
Arms twitching! Love these! 💥 Still working on those pull ups. 🤪
Michele 2mo ago
Hi Caleb- still figuring out myself but walked almost a mile this morning and got through the first group(set?) of stuff was on to the next, looked at the time and had to get home to take my daughter to school. It feels so good to do these exercises again. Slow and steady wins the race for me.Thank you for doing this. Mind set is changing ❤️
Vanessa 2mo ago
Phenomenal! This one really challenged me 👊🏼
Cassie 2mo ago
Can’t do a pull-up to save my life, but I loved that workout structure! 👌🏻

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