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Legs (Quad focus) & core

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Lower Body
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Mark 2mo ago
Imma try and walk tomorrow 😪 10/10
Vanessa 2mo ago
I’m pretty sure my legs are non-existent after this workout. Holy hot fire flames. 😅
Allie 2mo ago
Wobble wobble wobble wobble 🥵 so grateful to of finally found a great program. As a women/new mom of three I’ve been so sick of the same “get into shape” programs from even women themselves. These workouts really challenge me and make me feel stronger 💪🏼
Missy 2mo ago
Would love some modifications for a really weak core and lower back pain
Julia 2mo ago
Such a great workout!!! I really fell in love with this app recently. No other app I’ve used keeps the rest timer going if I need to leave the app to answer a text or something. I also was easily able to do a different set when the machine I needed was taken and go back later without skipping it!