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/Elite Jump Program 🔥

W1/D1 Building Foundation

5.0|60 min|3 comments
Abs & Core
Lower Body
Instructions Body weight program no weights no equipment. Only a basketball, something to hold and optional light weights. You do not have to do them on these days listed. Make sure you get the workouts done every week and pick your scheduled rest days. If your body is sore. You can do the off day workouts and stretches provided. Listen to your body to get the best results possible, but minimal soreness is fine. * Recovery (Optional choices) * Sleep 8+ hours * Massage gun * Hot tub * Ice bath * Meditation/Mindfullness * Do an activity you like that takes your mind off of any stress. Isometrics: 4x45 seconds achilles or patella. Do a warmup of stretching to get your muscles loose. Imaginary Jump rope Or optional purchase a Jump Rope. Stretching and warmup routine listed in the workouts. Play your sport to get loose! Full Jump Routine is listed. Great warmup but also is a literal workout that will get you bouncy through the roof 🔥


Darian 6mo ago
Holy crap it was amazing my legs are dead. Note to future self to do this workout when I get into a breakup to feel pain 🔥
Kevin 6mo ago
Very Challenging 🔥🔥 hit every single muscle in the leg

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