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/My First 1000m

W3/D1 My First 1000m / Day 7

5.0|45 min
Distance: 900m Warm Up (Fins Optional) 200m as *50m Free *25m Kick (right side) *25m Kick (left side) *50m Free *25m Kick (back) *25m Kick (front - roll to breath) Main 6 x 50m Free on :25 Rest *Descend 1 - 3 (twice) *This means each 50m is going to be a little bit faster than the one before. So think smooth, strong, stronger/fast, then repeat until # of 50’s is completed, in this case, repeat once for a total of 6. 50m Smooth 100m Kick @ 85% effort 2 x 25m Kick on :20 RT 1. 15m Strong, 10m Smooth 2. 15m Smooth, 15m Strong Swim Down 100m Choice

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