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Follow my workouts
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Fitness Expert/Licensed Pharmacist

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My name is Ben and this is my story. As a kid, I’ve always been active. I’m the oldest of 5 kids and we all were very active and very athletic. Playing sports was something I had done all my life growing up. My fitness journey however officially began 9 years ago during the summer of 2012. Just like most kids, I wanted to bulk up for sports so I made the conscious decision to get a gym membership. That’s when everything changed for me. I would go on to learn everyday in order to ensure that my workouts were done correctly and efficiently. During that span, I managed to get accepted into pharmacy school and graduate as a doctor of pharmacy at the age of 23. All the while I was still keeping up with my health and fitness. Combining my fitness knowledge with my education from pharmacy school, I understand the impact that routine diet and exercise has on a person to help them live a happier, healthier lifestyle. Now I work everyday to ensure I do all I can to help spread my fitness knowledge to help others get a better understanding of fitness and ultimately help them achieve the body of their dreams.


My playbook will help you to build lean muscle, lose fat, and overall improve your body composition. You will learn how to properly workout in order to efficiently develop your muscles and prevent injuries.

Training Requirements

My workouts will require access to a full gym, however workouts will also be available that can be done from the comfort of your own home.


Licensed Doctor of Pharmacy 9+ years of Weightlifting Experience Celebrity Fitness Trainer

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