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W4/D3: I Love my Heart

5.0|28 min|4 comments


Giulia 8mo ago
I've figured out through your classes that these high intensity workouts are good for me when I'm stressed/anxious but I have enough energy for them. Usually, I'm into slower and deeper classes, but there are times when I need the rush of the body to shut down the rush of the brain
Alisha 9mo ago
I love the fast classes. I love that I can get some cardio in. I know I don’t do enough cardio, this class made it fun! I hope you do more like this.
Corina 9mo ago
I loved the hell out of this! The more energetic classes really get my heart rate up but my energy too! I find my mood is always boosted after these classes. I love the quick pace ans the music it's just an all around fun vibe to work out to! 😊
Trina 9mo ago
Loved this format! Not typically what I enjoy doing, but it was exactly what I needed and it pushed me in the best way!

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