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W3/D1: I Love my Pelvic Floor and Core

4.9|36 min|4 comments
Let’s send some love to the reproductive area if ya know what I mean!


Ellie 9mo ago
Loved!! I really struggle when you refer to the ribs flaring out. If you could elaborate on controlling that at some point that would be epic
Alisha 9mo ago
Thanks for the laughs today! I woke up feeling low energy, this was just what I needed.
Trina 9mo ago
Incredible workout!! And loved the throwback playlist! Thanks for sharing more of your story 💕
Corina 9mo ago
I love how no matter how many times I've done certain exercises they still give me a really good burn! I forgot my ball at the office sobs....but I think I'm just going to buy another one for home! Loved how this made me feel early in the morning. I've got some energy to start my day with now! 😊

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