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W2/D3: I love my Thighs

4.9|30 min|9 comments
Let’s send some love and strength to the fronts of our legs (Quads)


🦋Karolina🦋 6mo ago
This was so fun! But, can you include some cool down or slow exercises at the end of a fast intense class like that? It felt like the class ended kind of suddenly. Overall I loved it!
Jade 8mo ago
Girl yes! Let's see that dance lol! Such a good burn. Love that we did some booty stuff too!
Josie 9mo ago
Really needed this. I judge my thighs so much.
Jalee 9mo ago
Such a good burn🔥
Casey 10mo ago
Loved this playlist! And I agree, having the exercises switched up a bit is great!

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