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W1/D2 Upper Body Stretching

4.9|45 min|8 comments
The day after upper body and the day after lower body we’ll be doing corresponding stretching. If you’re following the program this means Tuesday will be upper body stretching and Thursday will be lower body. Enjoy your day... more


Amy 2mo ago
I didn't realize how tight my shoulders were! This was amazing! Thank you
Tasha 2mo ago
Great stretch! I had trouble with the app working but after asking for help it was a quick fix and I got to get day 2 in! Puppy pose is my favorite!
Kristie 2mo ago
So good!! I definitely needed that stretch today and these were so relaxing!
Susana 2mo ago
Wow. This stretch was a therapy session, I didn’t realize how much was weighing on my mind until our spinal twists & hot tears began to stream down my face. All the little details made it easy to sink deep into my stretches, I felt myself slowdown and really tune into my body. Bonus: the stream running near the bridge was such a nice touch, the playlist & natural sounds created a relaxing environment..
Jenay 2mo ago
Puppy pose got me. 💜

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