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W1/D1 New Style, New You

4.7|30 min|10 comments
Welcome to the DUET ME CHALLENGE! Make sure to submit your entries! You can submit entries here: Meet Visar! My husband is well versed in streng... more


Alexia 1mo ago
Good thing I was outside in chilly weather I was 🥵🥵🥵
Tasha 2mo ago
Great day 1! I don’t have my weights yet so I used my large wine bottle (it was hilarious) but the first thing I saw to use. Doing it solo, just texted my sisters to get them to join in. I loved it!
Susana 2mo ago
I love the play by play steps, I don’t have to think about my next move just watch. Going back to the warm up, I know it’s simple but I loved the big circles when you bring your hands together & squeeze, I’ve never been told to do that and I loved that extra touch. Thanks royals, you killed it today!
Jenna 2mo ago
Fun first day!!
Jewell 2mo ago
I didn’t know that weights would be required for this program😩 great workouts though!!

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