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Branden HaywardBranden Hayward
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Strength All Days Warm-Up

5.0|10 min
I hope you will love this warm up that I have cultivated specifically for this strength phase. One of the unique elements to this warm-up program is that it has a focus on single leg hip hinging to best prepare you for the hip hinge motions including deadlifts motions that you may try during the actual weightlifting workout. As I will say multiple times throughout the program, you should only be attempting deadlifts if you feel zero lower back tension when performing them. If you feel any lower back tension, then you need to stop and reach out to me so we can regroup and assess what is best for you. Having the glutes and core properly engaged before attempting any heavy lifting is of paramount importance. We are also improving your posture with the thoracic spinal mobility drill that this warm-up begins with. Please Send me a direct message with any questions.

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