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Watch one of the below videos to understand how to make the most of our journey together. Set aside 5 or 15 min in a quiet-ish place for this. 😀 —————————————————- Info on two types of resistance bands. *You do NOT need to spend more money to get started on any of these workouts. This info is only included for those curious about the bands.* Website to purchase: 1. For the *optional* mini-bands used in glute activation exercises: MINI BANDS: “Mini loops resistance bands” Typically sold in a 5 pack 2. And for replacements / alternate for cables machines: - As an alternate for palov press, as demo’d in your rehab warmup, I use a ’41” mini resistance band’. It should stretch from 10-50 lbs. For the I/T/Ys demo’d in prehab workout, I would go with the 41” mini resistance band that only has 2-15 lbs. of resistance. *Also your gym may loan out similar bands, so don’t be afraid to check with the front desk.*


Yvoty 7mo ago
You are so passionate and knowledgeable! I cannot think of anyone else I’d trust to guide me through my fitness journey!
Cameron 7mo ago
I actually appreciated the run down of how to go about workouts in general. Some of these are things I’ve picked up as I’ve through my workout journey through trial and error. And it’s nice to hear them explained clearly. And thanks for the builder pro tip 😊 very helpful.

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