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W1/D2 Bodyweight Tabata Interval Workout

5.0|20 min|3 comments
Get sweating with this equipment-free interval workout. The perfect intro to Tabata. ----------- Get ready to move fast with these 4 Tabata interval sets (20 seconds of work, and only 10 seconds rest, for 4 minutes)! Keep your heart rate up working as hard as you can during the "work" phase of the interval. Complete as many repetitions as possible during that time -- be sure to track and record how many repetitions you do! This will test skills such as speed and power, but also strength endurance and can be used to find your lactate threshold heart rate!


Denise 2y ago
OMGosh, if only you could see me exercising at school, where I teach…. Engaging my students with fitness: kindergarten style !!! lol 😉
Rachel 2y ago
Amazing first workout of year 34 for me! Sweat!
Daniel 2y ago
Really got me sweating! Woof!

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