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Full Body Dynamic Warm Up

5.0|10 min|11 comments
Perform each dynamic movement for apporximately 30-60 seconds (as the timer indicates), and ensure you complete any single-sided movements on both sides. Lightly go through each movement, increasing the depth slightly each re... more


Denise 2y ago
You now just got my ❤️ pumping to feel this Sunday morning. lol
Denise 2y ago
Boy! I feel it today !!! Thanks for the warm up.
Denise 2y ago
It was a really good feeling, for I started later than normal doing my routines due to church. So my body is enthused!!
Rachel 2y ago
A great way to start the day.
bart 2y ago
Not sure what it is but this morning was a struggle. Pacing myself today and going again this afternoon. Commitment never waivers.